Dear M: Eleven Months Old

My Dear Miss M, I cannot believe we are a month away from your first birthday! It really doesn't seem as if that much time has passed since you blessed us by joining our family. But so much has changed in that short amount of time. Especially in the last month!

You are a full fledged walker/toddler. It started with your first steps and now you are walking everywhere! You almost start running when you get excited or are playing with your brother. You are quite balanced on your feet and can stay upright for a long time before you take a tumble or trip. Shoe shopping was quite fun! We got you your first pair of Stride-Rite shoes (pink w/ pink & orange hearts!) in a size 3.5 and as soon as they were on your feet you took off down the mall path.

I am also loving how verbal you are becoming. Not only can you say a few words but your gestures and sounds are hilarious to listen to and watch. You are so expressive and really do let everyone around you know how your feeling. You have started making this little pouting face where you make an o with your mouth and go "whoo, whoo" with a scowl on your face when you're starting to get upset. Then if someone doesn't respond right away you start to cry. It's like the warning before the tantrum. Not that you have tantrums yet!

And the way that you are picking up on more and more signs excites me. You've started signing airplane and butterfly back to me. We started our sign language classes with Joann of Sign4Baby and I'm enjoying the time I spend alone with you. Mommy usually even gets to drink a cup of coffee after class while it's still hot! Hows that for awesome mornings? I can't wait to see what signs you'll start using next!

You are most definitely a Daddy's girl. You love your daddy and get excited as soon as you see him when you wake up and when he comes home from work in the evenings. On the weekends you aren't far away from him and you always make sure to know where he is. That includes being under his feet as he works outside or in the garage. And he's pretty keen on you too!

I'm still having a hard time figuring out your eating habits. You're still breastfeeding about every 3-4 hours however you do have interest in our food. I just give you bits and pieces of what we're eating and you eat until you're done. Never more than 4-5 bites though. And that's ok. You try a variety of things and know what you like and what you don't. And you love snacking on whatever Brother has on his plate! Good thing you don't have any allergies so far.

You are becoming quite the animated, excitable, and loving little girl and I love every minute we get to spend with you. You are even starting to grow on your brother a bit :) Love you, Miss M! You're one amazing girl!


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LisaWeidknecht said... Reply To This Comment

simply precious!

Janet said... Reply To This Comment

I love looking at baby pics as they grow!! My faves are when they are playing with their feet!!!