Aerobie Fun

As a blogger who occasionally hosts giveaways I also enter quite a few giveaways as well. And most of the time I don't win. But sometimes I do win. And sometimes I win some awesome things. These awesome things are then used as bribes and gifts for my loved ones. More likely than not they're for the little guy pictured above.

But this last winning was supposed to be saved for his daddy for Christmas. You see, my husband is a brand loyalist. He finds something he loves and sticks with it. That goes for toys too. Especially toys. And my husband absolutely loves Aerobie frisbees. We couldn't find our frisbee before we left for Hawaii in August so I had to pick up a new one down in Seaport Village from a cute little toy shop before we left so he would have a frisbee to play with at the beach. Some guys bring footballs, others bring baseballs. My husband brings a frisbee.

However as soon as we received the package on the door (actually as soon as the delivery driver rang the doorbell) my son was set on opening the package to see what was inside. He LOVES getting packages and mail and usually I have to give him junk mail and tell him it's his mail. So whenever I win something on a blog I have to remember to hide the package if its something I want to give my kids or husband as a gift.

So when something comes when we're home and my son hears that little ding-dong it's all over. My cover is blown. And the gift that was going to be for daddy is now his new obsession. But how cool is it?? It lights up! When daddy got home we raced to him to show him what we got in the mail. And the look on my son's face when daddy started playing frisbee with him was priceless. Good thing we opened up that package early...

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Ellen said... Reply To This Comment

My son would love one of these. Thanks for sharing!

Tonya said... Reply To This Comment

That is just too cool! I want one!!

I give my daughter junk mail too and tell her it's her mail :) She gets a kick out of it.

LOVE MELISSA:) said... Reply To This Comment

This is so cool! My daughter would love this.