6 Week Challenge {1 Week Update}

So as of yesterday it's been exactly a week since I've been on the 6 Week Challenge at the YMCA. I'm working out at least 4-5 times a week, counting calories, and cooking a heck of a lot more at home. I'm feeling amazing and looking forward to continuing to see progress on the scale and in my body. We haven't done measurements yet but will do so on Wednesday. However we did have our first weigh in and I am happy to announce that I lost 2lbs!

That's right. I met my first goal of a 2lb loss per week. And I am currently at pre-pregnancy weight. You don't know how ecstatic I was to see that number on the scale! I am hoping to be at least 10lbs closer to goal weight by the end of the year even with the holidays in the mix. That means hard work, determination, and sticking with my 6 week challenge. Then after the first of the year I'll need to step it up and continue to do well on my own.

I might even be looking for friends to join me and create a 6 week challenge of our own. It won't be with a personal trainer but I'll have some sort of structured weekly challenge. A few workouts or classes we can take either together or separately and a food plan. Because the biggest thing I've taken away from my struggle with losing weight is that I need a food plan. No mindless eating, no carelessly choosing items off the menu. I need to be thoughtful and careful when I put food in my mouth.

The fitness part of this week consisted of a cardio challenge to see how far we could run/jog/walk within a 30 minute timeframe. I was able to average about 5mph on the treadmill during that 30 minutes and ran about 2.4 miles. Now that was without any incline, too. I'm sure my speed would have been a bit lower had I been given an incline (or a double stroller!). After the cardio challenge we had a workout with our trainer with resistance bands. Boy those things suck! We then worked in pairs with the 10lb medicine ball. Our second work out with the trainer had us balancing on a bosu (I had NO idea what this thing was before the session). We did lunges, squats, threw the medicine ball to each other, etc. We worked our core and I felt it the next day!

Each week our trainer also gives us classes or activities to do outside of our 2 sessions. She also wants to see us exercising at least once a day for 30 minutes. This week she challenged us to take one of her classes on Friday. We had our choice of a Cardio Sculpt class or a Sports Drills class. I chose the Sports Drills since I was relatively familiar with them from high school. Oh boy... I HATED it! Running the drills was the hardest thing I had done all week (maybe all year?) physically. She had us leaping like frogs, on our backs walking like crabs, doing push ups (both triceps and biceps) and much more. I even had to excuse myself to use the restroom although later on I would find out that I was just sick. I'm really glad I tried the class but might be choosing another option next time.

Along with the challenge we go to weekly nutrition meetings every Monday night. A nutrition expert comes in and not only gives us a wonderful presentation about nutrition but she also prepares a meal for us each week to enjoy while we listen and watch. I'm hoping to start posting recaps of her nutritional information on here soon in case others are interested as well. And, of course, including the recipes to the yummy meals she's making!

I am very happy with this first week and hope to see continued success on the scale and in my eating choices. More to come next week!

Weight Loss Progress

Starting Weight: 224.6 1/30/2011
Size 16
Current Weight: 201.7 11/12/2011
Size 14/16
Total to go: 46.7lbs
Total lost: 22.9lbs

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Life With Captain Fussybuckets said... Reply To This Comment

Way to go!!! Every pound counts!

Ellen said... Reply To This Comment

Congratulations! You can do it!

LOVE MELISSA:) said... Reply To This Comment

That is awesome! So motivating!

Randi Moncur said... Reply To This Comment

that sounds amazing - love that you are involved in so many projects. go girl!!

StoreScenarios said... Reply To This Comment

Keep it up, don't be so hard on yourself, you can do it!

UntrainedHairMom said... Reply To This Comment

That is awesome, congrats!!!