Halloween Safety Tips {Courtesy of The Twin Set}

With Halloween here and our kids excited to get out and trick-or-treat with family, neighbors and friends it's important that safety be at the forefront of the festivities. Halloween is a very fun holiday but by being unprepared or distracted it can turn from fun to frightening in an instant. There are many tips out on the news and in the media but there are a few that haven't been talked about as much.

Here are some Halloween tips for toddlers that I received from The Twin Set. Follow these and I'm sure everyone in the family will enjoy the event much more: 
  • Pin a slip of paper with the child’s name, address, phone number inside a pocket in case they get separated from the group and can be quickly returned to their parents and friends.
  • Make sure the costume is the right fit and they don’t trip or fall from excess fabric. Also make sure their shoes fit well.
  • A good meal prior to trick-or-treating can help discourage little ones from filling up on treats.

Discover more last-minute Halloween Safety Tips from these expert sources:

Have fun and be safe tonight! And just for fun... a throwback picture of our Halloween fun last year. I can't wait to get pictures of the four of us this year!

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