Freshpet Pet Food {Review}

When I heard about the opportunity to try out Freshpet I was thrilled. I have heard wonderful things about the brand from my pet loving friends and was intrigued by a refrigerated dog food. I had even contemplated switching our dogs to a raw diet at one time. Then I quickly changed my mind because I honestly didn't have the time to commit to it. So when I read more about Freshpet I knew it would be a great choice for our family.

Freshpet® - the only brand of fresh, refrigerated pet food in the market today - introduced five new meals and treats for pets available exclusively in the Freshpet refrigerator. The new products include grain-free meals, made of high-quality animal proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables, and the addition of all natural chews and bones to their treats line.

The new meals and treats include:

Freshpet® Select Roasted Meals™ for Dogs: 
Chunks of real chicken and carrots
pieces of fresh meat accented with real shredded chicken breast, carrots and spinach for a well-balanced meal. Available in easy to pour, resealable 1.75 lb. and 3 lb. bags.

Freshpet Select Roasted Meals for Cats:
Tender morsels made of fresh chicken accented with carrots and spinach. It combines the great taste and texture of wet food cat’s love with the convenience of dry food. Available in a resealable 1 lb. bag..

Dog Joy™ Sweet Potato Chews: 
The only ingredient is sweet potatoes, naturally full of beta carotene, vitamins and dietary fiber. Each slice is slowly baked to chewy perfection. Available in a 7.5 oz. resealable pouch.

Dog Joy Bones: 
Real chicken baked inside a brown rice bone. A safer, long-lasting alternative to natural bones. Available in a 5.6 oz. resealable pouch, 2 bones.

Dog Joy Fresh Chews: 
Savory strips of buffalo are slow roasted in their own juices to a hard, satisfying chew. Available in a 4.3 oz. resealable pouch, 4 chews. 

Freshpet foods are made from all natural ingredients and never contain corn, wheat, fillers or by-products. Each recipe starts with fresh, high quality proteins, vitamin-rich vegetables, and high fiber grains. The ingredients are then gently cooked to retain their nutrients without the use of any artificial preservatives. That is why all Freshpet meals and treats must be refrigerated.

How we introduced the new food
We received a bag of Freshpet® Select Roasted Meals™ for Dogs, Freshpet Select Slice and Serve, Dog Joy™ Sweet Potato Chews, Dog Joy Fresh Chews and Dog Joy Fresh Bones. We started feeding Scout the Freshpet Select roasted meals by slowly adding it to his existing dog food. I increased the amount I gave him by a 1/2 cup each day until he was completely on Freshpet food. I included 1/4lb of the Freshpet slice and serve to each meal (twice a day) to see how he enjoyed it. I didn't want any tummy troubles to affect the review of the product.

My review of the food
I have to say, when I first put down the new food in front of him he got excited. More excited than he's been in a while to see his dog food bowl. He immediately started eating and would look up from time to time as if to thank me for this treat. Then at the next feeding would look at me in surprise to find the tasty morsels in his bowl again. This is no exaggeration. He truly enjoyed mealtime again!

I love that the food was fresh and that you could actually see the ingredients in it. And I think that the combination of the roasted meals and the slice and serve meals he was in heaven. I've also noticed (warning, may be TMI) that he's a bit more regular in the back yard as well. His energy truly is changing as well. He has a bit more pep. I know that when I start eating more healthier I get a pep in my step as well.

A picture of Scount before switching to Freshpet

Because of our success with this food, and our dog's joy in eating it, we've decided to start supplementing his current dog food with Freshpet Select. I wish that we could switch over completely to all Freshpet food but we have a large 65lb coonhound and I honestly don't have time to stop by the pet store each week to pick up his food. I will, however, get in touch with San Diego Pet Supply to see if they can start carrying Freshpet. If they do then I'll be able to switch him over completely.

His smiling face after

I love the product and love the company's look towards our dog's health and well being. The fact that this dog food company cares so much about it's consumers means everything to me when choosing a pet food. And since Scout is as much a part of our family as our children I do a lot of research and reviewing to insure that what we're providing him is the best we can offer.

Freshpet brands include Freshpet Select and Dog Joy, available at select grocery and mass-market retailers; Deli Fresh, Vital and Dognation, available at select pet specialty stores; and Veterinary Nutrition available at select veterinarians.

For more information about Freshpet foods, visit

Disclaimer: I received Freshpet products to review. All opinions are my own.

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I like the idea of refrigerated, fresher pet food. My dog is a vegetarian (not by choice, he has allergies!) and it's hard to find a vegetarian food. I'll have to see if this could be an option for us!

The sweet potato treats sound great.