Fixing, Building and Re-purposing

My vacuum is dying. Like it'll power off and on randomly as I'm trying to clean. Sometimes it loses suction at random times. And the hose from the canister to the wand is cracked (hence the lack of suction). I'm not sad. I'm secretly cheering on it's death. Why, you ask? Because if it dies... I'm hoping to purchase a Dyson vacuum. I've heard my friends talk about their Dysons like they were their children and I want in on that action!

But I have a problem. My husband can fix just about anything. You'd think that would be a good thing but let me tell you... it's not. Sure, it allows us to stretch our dollar and saves us from paying more than we need to on services for our car. But when your husband can fix just about anything in your house that means that those hand-me-down items you got when you moved in are still being used and abused 10 years out.

A 20 year old fridge lasts 10 more years, a 30 year old washer still has life and is agitating like it did when your mother in law first bought it, and a vacuum that is only kinda sucky gets a few more years of use. Luckily the fridge did finally kick it and we were able to buy a new, energy saving model to replace it. It's pretty nice and I LOVE the newness of it all. And I'm pretty sure that the washer will give out on us any day now. But more than likely there's a part to fix it.

For the most part I love how handy my husband is. It really is amazing how he can fix and build so many different things. He's handy in the garage, out in the yard and on a computer. And I still am surprised when he can build something out of nothing whether it be putting together a garden planter or re-programing a computer. And his knowledge and abilities help us out tremendously when doing home repairs and mini remodels. But I'm still rooting for the vacuum to die. I know it's expensive to replace but I really want a deeper clean. 

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BBKiddo said... Reply To This Comment

Our vacuum died right after Day was born. It magically came back to life in my mother in-laws hands. I was not so secretly sad that I didn't need a new one. Given we couldn't aford a new one at the time but that stupid pos is still going 2+ yrs later. Sigh