Flash Mob... check! #BlogHer11 #OperationGlory

Photo courtesy of Alanna Peters

Picture it. Lunch in a VERY large room full of a majority of the 3000+ attendees of BlogHer's blogging convention. I'm sitting with my girlfriends around a table eating lunch and all of a sudden the music starts up. It's Lady Gaga's The Edge of Glory and its starting to play louder. Then a woman gets up and starts dancing by her seat. She starts moving towards the center of the room and continues to dance. A few seconds later more women join her. And as the song continues she is surrounded by a hundred or so women all dancing in unison.

I quickly hand a sleeping Miss M over to my friend Jessica and start to walk over with Melissa, Alanna and Brooke so that we can take our places. Natalie has already joined in and is rocking it! We make our way to the back of the group so as not to draw too much attention to ourselves. We picked Group 5 for a reason. The ladies start jumping up and down and we join them. Then we start busting out the moves we learned just days earlier as we finish the song off with the last chorus.

You can see the girls and I walking to our places near the end of the video. If you blink you'll miss us. But we know we did it. We participated in a flash mob and it was awesome. Probably something we won't stop talking about until someone tells us to. And the best part about it all was that I got to do this with a group of women I've know since we started planning our weddings in 2006/2007. It was so exciting talking about how nervous we all were (Melissa might have mentioned wanting to puke a few times). But then after it was over we were so elated! I even hugged total strangers who performed alongside me. Because it was that cool.

Now that I look back I kinda wish I had chosen to jump in earlier but there really was no way to learn the moves in time and feel comfortable with the whole dance. I still laugh at the fact that I couldn't quite figure out how I should be practicing since I didn't know if I should be looking at the computer when practicing or away from the computer. Going to a practice or two would have been a good thing. Or asking in advance. Either way I still got up and danced in front of a huge crowd and that's pretty darn awesome. Check that off my list!

Thanks again Momma Mary and Rock On Mommies for putting together an awesome experience.

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Garrett

Photo Courtesy of Rock On Mommies (click to enlarge)

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Mama Mary said... Reply To This Comment

So glad you could join in on #OperationGlory! Loved having you!!! Hope you'll do the next one, once we figure out where and when. : )

Danielle said... Reply To This Comment

I am most definitely in on the next one! BlogHer'12 here we come :)

Semper Fi Momma said... Reply To This Comment

I'm still sad that I missed the epic MobHer Flashmob! Kudos to you for doing it, you ladies were awesome. Nobody at BlogHer who saw this will ever forget it.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome!! I'm so glad you had someone to hand your little one to - The dancing definitely would have woken her up :)