25 Things About Me {Blog Hop}

My friend, Christine, over at Everyday Mama is doing her first Blog Hop and as soon as I had a few minutes to myself I took that time to write down 25 Things About Me that you may, or may not, know. I hope you find these informative, entertaining, and fun!
  1. My nickname is Dani. Most people only know this if they've seen one of my online screen names or if they're family.
  2. When I was a little girl I really wanted to be a teacher. Somehow that got changed to psychologist. I'm neither right now but still love my life. 
  3. I have 6 siblings total but grew up with just two until high school. 
  4. I've been to Europe once and am dying to go back! 
  5. I'm addicted to Zumba but have only been doing it for less than a month. It's amazing and makes me feel great about my body even though I'm probably the most uncoordinated person you've met. 
  6. I completed the C25K program in 7 weeks, ran my first 5K in 41 minutes and than proceeded to stop running and take up Zumba/other gym classes. 
  7. I really want to do a 1/2 marathon but need to get a little kick to get back to running.
  8. I took karate for a few years when I was younger. I gave it up to play softball.
  9. I love animals. I've had cats, dogs, rats, chinchillas and fish. But the one animal I've always wanted to own is a goat.
  10. I LOVE Christmas. But I think I love wrapping Christmas presents even more. I'm definitely more interested in giving gifts then receiving.
  11. I've known my husband since I was 16. We were really good friends before we started dating when I was 17. He's 5 years older than me. 
  12. I have a bachelors degree in Psychology. I think everyone else in the US has the same degree. I really want to get a masters or Psy. D. but I now want to pursue another career. 
  13. I have no debt from college. I also don't feel like I got the "college experience" but I'm ok with that now. 
  14. I think I've figured out what I want to be when I grow up but I don't want to say it out loud until I have done all of the research and am 100% about it. I feel nervous about the fact that I've shared it with a few select friends. 
  15. I'm a social person. I crave being around people. I married a homebody who'd much prefer to enjoy his home and spend time with family than be around other people. (is that better, Jeremy?)
  16. I didn't start really cooking until I got married. And I started a blog right away to keep track of all of the new recipes I tried out on my husband. It quickly became Weight Watcher friendly after we both started putting on the weight after our wedding.
  17. I love searching for a good deal. When I finally discovered Black Friday a few years back I was hooked. I event went last year at 39 weeks pregnant. It was such a blast!
  18. I've finally found the perfect coffee drink for me that gives me the sweetness I crave and is low in points but doesn't take a large chunk out of my wallet ... it's a non-fat sugar free vanilla misto. Coffee instead of espresso is awesome! 
  19. I'm totally the champagne taste on a beer budget kinda person. I'm working on it though.
  20. I've never dyed my hair. And I keep telling myself that I never will. I don't believe myself.
  21. I like getting waxed.
  22. I always say I love getting pedicures and while I always come out relaxed with cute toes, I usually spend the whole time cringing until the manicurist gets to the massage and painting part. How can I cringe at a pedicure but love waxing?
  23. I LOVE scalp massages. Best part of a haircut. I'll stay with a hair stylist even if the cut doesn't look cute but she gives a good massage.
  24. I've considered plastic surgery but don't think I'd ever bite the bullet. 
  25. Giving birth two my two kids were two of the best moments of my life but I don't think I could do it again. It hurts!
Now if you'd like to share 25 Things About You please blog about it and add your entry to Christine's Blog Hop linky on the bottom of her post here. I'd love to read more about you so come back and comment letting me know you've linked up! If you want to know more about me just ask. I'm a pretty open person.

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6 comment(s) with love:

Everyday Mama said... Reply To This Comment

THanks for joining in the Blog Hop!! I love scalp massages too AND I have never dyed my hair either :) Also, let's do Zumba once I pop this baby out!!

Signing Mama said... Reply To This Comment

We gotta talk Zumba - I've been told of this cool fun exercise and have yet to try it but want to go with someone equally uncoordinated!

Danielle said... Reply To This Comment

Your on! Zumba is an awesome post-baby exercise. Totally doable for any level :)

BabyBumpBeyond said... Reply To This Comment

We should have a Christmas gift wrapping party!! (Even if it is just you and me :)

Danielle {at} Custom Programs said... Reply To This Comment

I would love that, Heather! So much fun!! And collecting gift wrap and bows is exciting and fun too :)

Semper Fi Momma said... Reply To This Comment

I applaud anyone who does Zumba. It scares the bajeebers out of me. I'm a clutz and I'm pretty sure Id just trip over myself.