Dwink Cup Holder {Review}

I first saw this Dwink cup holder over on my friend Jessica's blog. She was reviewing and giving away Kiddo Tags and also included a My Dwink Box to the lucky winner. Sadly I didn't win her giveaway but I was so intrigued by the product that I had to try out myself. So I jumped onto Amazon.com and ordered one for my son.

As soon as we got it in the mail I put a juice box in it and gave it to him to try out with lunch. He figured it out right away and started sipping his juice with ease. And NO mess! He didn't once try and squeeze the box to try and get the juice out. And another great thing... since his hands were wrapped around the handles he didn't think to pull out the straw and start playing with it.

All in all I really like the product and have enjoyed using it. And it has held up very well. It's practically impossible for a child to destroy :) I'll definitely include this as a gift for my mommy friends as we start going to more 1st and 2nd birthday parties.

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