Dear M: Seven Months Old

Ok, six months I can handle. But seven months already? No, it just can't happen. You cannot grow any more baby girl!

You are a firecracker. You know exactly what you want and will make sure you get it whether you're with Mommy, Daddy or anyone else. You love to explore the spaces around you and are pretty good at maneuvering around the floor without crawling. You like to get up on your hands and knees and rock and than you get on your belly and reach with your hands in the direction you want to be going. Then you get very frustrated and start complaining. It's quite amusing :)

And when I say complaining you really do vocalize your frustration. "Ahnananana! Ahnananana!" is what you start to say when you get frustrated. "mmmmammmammma" is what you say when you're tired and trying to fall asleep. You also say "bababa" and "dadada" all the time (Daddy loves hearing that). I hope you start to associate Dada with Daddy soon so you can start asking him to come change your diaper ;) Just kidding! 

You love to stand and love to take steps while holding onto Daddy and Mommy's hands. You prefer this over sitting on the ground or tummy time. And whenever you can you try to pull up to your knees. Every single time I put you in your crib (no, not to sleep... just to play) you immediately go for the edge to pull you up. Luckily you haven't pulled up all the way to a standing position yet. I think if you did that now you'd give Mommy a heart attack!

We are going to start swim lessons with you next week. I cannot wait to see how you do in the water. Your brother is a fish so it'll be fun to see the two of you learn together. Sadly you don't care much for bathtime and I'm not sure if that's because your brother is in there with you or because you just don't like baths. I'm hoping that pool time is a different experience. Lucky for us Grandma Ann will be coming with us to swim lessons to help Mommy out. My main objective in having you two in this class is to make sure you know what to do in the water should anything happen since we'll be going on our first family trip together since you've arrived next month.

You seem to be growing longer and longer but don't seem to be getting any heavier. You are so light and Mommy is so thankful for that. Holding your brother and you at the same time can be quite a task and I couldn't imagine how much harder it would be if you were heavier. Guess I'll find out in a few months, right? Your hair is starting to come in more. Still not enough for a clip but it's definitely growing.

I'm always so excited to see you grow and change. You amaze me every day!

My thumb sucker #2


And a few outtake pictures:

Loved the lighting here but couldn't get her to look at me

She finally looked at me and I knew she was done...

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