4th of July Fun

Molly's first 4th of July was quite fun and relaxing in our home. Joseph worked on his car, I cleaned the house and Ethan and Molly played, swam and played some more. We watched movies at night as a family all curled up in bed together and just enjoyed being a family.

On the 4th, E and Joseph went to Disneyland and enjoyed Pirates, Dumbo, the train (E's favorite! Cause there's dinosaurs) and a few other rides. While they were away Molly and I baked. We had a ton of peaches in the house and I needed to figure out what to do with them fast before they spoiled. So I decided on making a peach upside down cake ala Alton Brown for our 4th of July dinner at Uncle Jeremy's. I also made some banana bread to take care of the left over, over ripe bananas from the previous week. Mmmm.

The boys were home by 2pm and by 4 we were off to Uncle Jeremy's. They already had the pool set up so as soon as we got there E jumped in and started playing with Cousin Aaron.

While the boys were up in Anaheim they stopped in Garden Grove and picked up some fun fireworks. Just some little ground bloomers and sparklers to hold everyone over until the big fireworks display.

Before dinner (mmm... buffalo burgers) we let the kids play with a few sparklers. Don't worry. They were supervised by 6 adults and a bucket of water and a hose were readily available to douse any stray embers that might have started something. And we soaked the area thoroughly before starting :)

After the sparklers we took a few minutes to eat dinner and enjoy dessert. Then we went outside and set off some fun fireworks. This time the kids stayed far back and watched from a distance. Poor Miss M was so exhausted she passed out before the fireworks started. And E seemed to be loosing steam fast.

But not fast enough to help hose off the area after we were done...

So we just did a few and called it a night. E and Cousin Aaron played for a bit longer before we packed up and headed home. After we got home I stayed with Miss M and put her to sleep while Joseph took E over to Uncle Andrew's to watch the fireworks display from his back yard. I don't have any pictures of that since I wasn't there :)

Here are a few (haha... a few) outtakes from the day:

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