Dear M: 6 Months Old

Happy 1/2 Year Birthday beautiful girl! You, as always, are such a joy to your mommy, daddy and brother. You are a pro at sitting up and babbling and you can now scoot yourself backwards when you want to go forwards. I predict that you'll be crawling in the next two months. Still no teeth though but that's ok! You can gum anything and everything with skill :)

I love your little personality. You are so sweet and laid back but know what you want and if you don't get it you let us know! You have all of us wrapped around your little finger but we definitely don't mind. You are starting to have a little bit of separation anxiety when I leave the room and you aren't preoccupied with toys or your brother. I'm not used to this since your brother could be anywhere with anyone and not mind at all.

You still are refusing the bottle but are catching on little by little to a sippy cup. We have also started solids with you. You've tried sweet potatoes, bananas, peaches, pears, asparagus and avocado! We're going to start plain full-fat yogurt next. Then I can start mixing some of your purees with yogurt too. You want to eat everything we eat so hopefully now you can start doing just that. Yogurt and fruit with mommy in the morning :)

Because you won't take a bottle when Mommy is away from you I've had to quit my job. So over these next six months I hope to really learn and grow from being a stay at home mommy to you and your brother. I can't not be excited about that! Our summer is going to be full of fun!

You have started taking sign language classes with Joann at Sign4Baby and really seem to enjoy time with babies your age and a little older. I think that this mommy/daughter time will really help us bond together each week. I've started signing more with you at home. I have even seen your happy reaction when I ask you if you want to nurse and do the sign for nursing. I think you might pick up on this quickly!

You're still a petite thing, 14 pounds 8 ounces and 25.5 inches long (25th %tile for weight, 50th %tile for height) but you are very healthy! I get stopped all of the time when we're out and about by strangers who tell me how beautiful you are. It makes me swell with pride every time!

I am loving every minute of being your mommy and am enjoying watching you grow into your own person. I love you, Molly!

Not much time for more pictures this month but stay tuned for professional 6 month photos soon! Done, of course, by the crazy talented Tessa of Grin & Share It Photography.  You can also check out some practice photos I took last week of both kids.

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