Cousins - Friends for Life

Cousin A came over yesterday to play with E for a bit before naptime. Grandma Ann is on vacation this week so she took A for the day. E was sooo happy that his cousin was coming over to play. He LOVES playing with his cousin and asks to go to his house just about every other day. So when we can get the boys together I know he has a good time.

E didn't really care much for the wagon but enjoyed pulling his sister and cousin around the neighborhood. Too bad he couldn't pull them forward, he just pushed them backwards. Grandma had to take over after a few steps.

Cousin A told Grandma Ann that he loves holding babies. I guess that includes Miss M. I don't think she minded either. She just quietly looked around the whole time shew as in his arms enjoying the ride.

Do you know how hard it is to get three kids to look at you at the same time? This was the only picture out of about 20 that they all looked at the camera. Miss M surprised me and was looking at the camera for every shot! Too bad this is the one shot that was the least flattering for her. But they're all looking!!

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