Palm Springs Aerial Tram 2011 - In Pictures

Joseph had been wanting to take E up to the snow since December. But with Miss M being so small and HATING the car I just wasn't up for it. But he was persistent and finally broke me down :) So we planned on going to Palm Springs this past Saturday.

Saturday morning came and we realized we weren't quite ready to go so we decided to move our trip to Sunday so we could pick up some gear. We didn't really have snow outfits for us or E (we were lucky enough to have a very cozy outfit for Miss M). So we headed over to Burlington and bought some coats and pants and packed our backpacks for the next day.

We planned on leaving the house around 7:30 but that definitely didn't happen. We were on the road by 8:30 and only made one stop before arriving at our destination (our stop was at Starbucks for snacks and caffeine for mommy as well as a potty trip). When we got to the base of the mountain it was 65 degrees outside. It was about 20 degrees cooler at the top. And by the time we got back down the mountain it was 75 degrees at the bottom.

Definitely a memorable trip... I got peed on. Yup. Super fun. No place to go potty and I wasn't quick enough to realize that's why E was so grumpy and unhappy. Until it was too late. And I was soaked. We had a change of clothes (and shoes) for E... but nothing for me. So I made due and when we returned to the station Joseph was nice enough to give me his sweater to wear.

All in all it was a fun trip but I'm sure we'll have a lot more fun next year...

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Randi Moncur said... Reply To This Comment

i love the one where you are vibrant and healthy with pink cheeks and a big smile while the kids are both screaming their heads off! hahaha. love joseph for being so insistant that little e goes to the snow too! such a nice family. love you guys!!!