3 Years to Complete 30x30

Since it's my birthday today and I'm now 3 years shy of my 30th birthday today I thought it'd be fun to write down a list of 30 things I'd love to accomplish or do before the big 3-0. As I do each thing I'll update the list and check things off... So here's my 30 things to accomplish before I'm 30:

1. Donuts (purchased a donut cutter) 
2. Bagels
3. Frosted Sugar Cookies
4. Pita Bread
5. Take an ethnic foods cooking class

6. Go to New York City
7. Go to Vegas
8. Go to Hawaii
9. Staycation in San Diego
10. Take the kids to to Washington (to make my mom happy :))
11. Take the kids to South Dakota to visit family

12. Lose 70lbs and reach my goal weight (Lost 30 lbs)
13. Work out 3 times a week every week for at least 30 minutes a day (joined the YMCA)
14. Eat at least 5 fruits and veggies a day (started)
15. Consume at least 80oz of water a day (started)

16. Date Night at least once a month with the hubs - even w/ the kids present (started)
17. Girls Night at least once a month (can be included with bunco/game night) (started)
18. Call my mom at least twice a month (this can be reciprocal!)
19. Start to call friends instead of just using social media
20. Start to write letters to friends and family more often

21. Sew an apron (started)
22. Make curtains
23. Make a dress for Molly (started)
24. Make flannel pajama pants for the kids
25. Learn more crochet patterns

26. Do more volunteer work
27. Re-vamp the food and personal blog (maybe hire a blog designer) 
28. Own a grown up wardrobe (i.e. get clothes tailored and only buy what fits properly!)
29. Take more classes on photography
30. Buy more camera equipment

Any suggestions on where to start? Do you have a list of things you want to accomplish by a certain point in your life? Share with me!

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Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

"Any suggestions on where to start?"... I called you today to start so you get to reciprocate :-) Next you can come to Washington and then you can tell your mom when you're going to SD cuz she'll meet you there for a vacation - I've been wanting to go back since last time I was there :-) (Just not this year - I'm planning a San Diego trip this summer and Hawaii in the fall.)Sounds like a good start to me!! Love ya!