Miss M's 2 Month Well Baby Visit - A Recap

So apparently Molly is going to BF till she's three...

I brought up the fact that Molly is refusing the bottle. She said you can't force it and reassured me that she wouldn't starve. Some babies have no problems going 4-5 hours without the bottle and some will even wait till their mom's get home 8-9 hours later until they realize that the bottle isn't the devil. Or they'll continue to refuse the bottle for 8-9 hours and than get their days/nights mixed up and will sleep through the day and eat all night. OY!

So after telling me all this she then asks how long I plan on BFing. I told her I plan on going until she weans herself just like I did for Ethan. She said that I should prepare myself to BF till she's in preschool because from how she's acting now she will probably prefer the boob over everything else (she also refuses pacifiers but uses her hands to self soothe when I'm not nursing). And that mixed with my not wanting another one will probably allow my body to continue producing milk as needed.

But even though all of the above sounds crazy if we make it past a year of BFing than I have no problem continuing until she's ready to wean. Even if this means 2.5-3 years. 3 years will be my limit though. I know I will need my body back by then. I just pray she doesn't give her dad hell when he watches her when I go back to work. And luckily I only work out of the home 2 days a week. I foresee stress in my near future!

Oh, and her stats:

10lbs 13oz - 50th %tile
23in long - 75th %tile

and I think her head was 15.5in which is 50th %tile

So all in all a good appointment. She also will most likely have eczema like her brother and dad but we're ready for it and know how to treat it. And she's super strong. She was holding her head up like a champ when the dr put her on her belly for tummy time. She was straining up with her head to see me past the doctor :) Love her.

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