Dinosaur Train

What do you get when you cross the Disneyland train with their dinosaur scene? A toddler who thinks he's riding the Dinosaur Train. And when I had to go up to Garden Grove for a photography basics class we couldn't pass up the opportunity to pop over to Disneyland to ride the Dinosaur Train and see the look in E's eyes when he got to see the dinosaurs again.

While at Disney we also visited Toontown and got to see Goofy, Donald, Minnie & Mickey's houses. We even got to meet Mr. Mouse himself in his garage. It was a short but sweet (for E) trip that I'm glad we made. But next time I'd like to go without a screaming newborn that refused to nap/sleep. Yeah, that wasn't any fun.

And now for the pictures... Notice E's new pants. He spilled something on his jeans in the car and we didn't realize it till we were in the park. So he got some cool new sweats. Good thing they're long on him cause $15 for a 2T is expensive! Oh, and the picture of E with a funny face? That's what he did when I asked him to smile.

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Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

Ha Ha...we had to buy you a pair of sweats one year after you spilled hot chocolate - and all 3 of you kids wore them before I was willing to get rid of them :-) after paying D-land prices!