Dear M: One Month Old

Oh Molly, so much has changed in the past few weeks. We are soo happy to have you as part of our family. You have definitely found your way into our hearts. You have been an "easy" baby so far. I say "easy" because you do have your moments (or evenings) when you become fussy. But don't worry, it's not your fault. I'm pretty sure the culprit is gas and once you get older and your body matures I'm sure everything will work itself out :)

You are so alert. And so strong. On the second day we had you you were trying to lift your head up! You use that thing like a wrecking ball sometimes. Mostly when Daddy is holding you. You've popped him in the chin and shoulder quite a few times.

You love listening to your brother's voice. As soon as he hears you cry he runs and starts to say "Is ok, Molly, is ok". He loves you SO much! He is constantly wanting to kiss your head and touch you. And for the first few days he really wanted to hold you. Sometimes when you cry he just looks at me and says "nurse!". Like he knows that you're hungry (or that when you cry you usually mean you're hungry). He's definitely going to be a great big brother to you.

You are growing so fast. I tried to get a guestimate at how much you weighed this morning and I couldn't believe it when the scale was 10 pounds heavier with you on it. I really hope that you are gaining and growing! I love chubby babies (see pictures of your brother!). You are also getting so long. You no longer fit into your newborn sleepers. We've had to move up to the 3 month sizes. There are so many outfits with tags still on them! Guess we'll have to pay them forward to another little girl coming soon...

You've just started smiling this week (and no, I don't think its gas!). It's the most precious thing to see and we love it when you do it. And I love to hear your coos. Gentle, soft coos that sound so wonderful. You are definitely a joy to have in our lives and we're so lucky we were blessed with a daughter like you!

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Randi Moncur said... Reply To This Comment

she really is the most darling little thing!! i am loving all the photos. especially on the chair, hands clasped. too cute.

Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Molly, You are a precious addition to our extended family!