Christmas Morning

Santa brought E a lot of fun things! He got a PBK Anywhere Chair, a cool stackable choo choo train, a soccer ball and lots of fun stocking stuffers (including Toy Story 3, Buzz slippers and chocolate!). His sister also got some fun stuff in her stocking too...

M got a cool lovey and some links

E was more interested in opening up each present and playing with it right away. He didn't want to move onto the next present.

He was kind enough to open his sister's gifts and give them to her. 

Molly received a Sophie!

"Chocket" was probably the one thing that ended gift opening in our home that morning... and Daddy gave in :)

E loved his fire engine and dalmation from Grandma Tammy as well as his cool drum.

He also loved opening and playing with his and his sister's pillow pets

After we opened gifts E relaxed in his new chair and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Than we packed up and went to Christmas mass and made our way to Grandpa's house...

E was fascinated by the dolphins on the tree... so he took them off and played with them.

He opened fun gifts!

Daddy got the compressor hose he wanted...

And Grandpa played with E while others opened their gifts

E got a cool placemat from Grandma & Grandpa

We got Grandma Cathy a cool back up drive for all the pictures she takes

And Grandpa got a Brugo mug!

And E's favorite gift of the morning...

A Little People Airport from Grandma & Grandpa!

We had such a fun and eventful morning that we went home and napped together before Christmas dinner and Uncle Jeremy's...

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