Black Friday Recap

So baby girl listened and stayed inside for Black Friday. I was able to get up at 4:15am and head over to Target to snag some deals. I got a few Disney DVDs for presents, some 700 thread count sheets for $30 for myself, a DVD player for our bedroom for $20 since ours broke, some stocking stuffers, and a few other little things for my brothers and sisters. I than headed over to UTC mall to hit the clothing stores.

I met up with my friend Jessica and hit Gymboree and The Children's Place with a lot of luck. I was able to get 30% + an additional 20% off my purchase at Gymboree and since I only buy clearanced items anyway I got a few steals :) I also qualified for Gymbucks so during the next Gymbuck redemption period I'll have $25 off my purchase of $50 to use. I was also able to get E 4 pairs of pants and two polos, and baby girl got a Christmas onesie and a sleeper at The Children's Place for $45. The whole store was 30% off as well!

I also stopped by Sears to get Joseph some gifts in the tool department. And than met up with the boys... E was ready for the cold :)

He was pointing to the way he thought we should go...

But Daddy had other plans.

We were able to find deals at Sears, Eddie Bauer (40% off the entire store! I... er... E got me a really cute sweater for Christmas!), Macys and a few other stores. I really had my eye on a food processor at Macys but since we have three Joseph was able to talk me into a new toaster oven instead since ours died. We were able to get a $150 KitchenAid toaster oven for $70. We used our $50 gift card and paid $20 out of pocket. I think we did pretty good :)

Over all we stayed within our budget and I was able to get the majority of Christmas presents I had on my list. We hit the mall again on Saturday and knocked off the rest of our items. I have even already wrapped and shipped presents to my mom's house and just need to ship one more package to my sister. Talk about an accomplishment!

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