40 Weeks...

Where has the time gone?

As of Tuesday I'm 2 cm dilated and that's about it :) No real contractions anymore, no signs of an eviction just yet. If she's still an inside baby by next Tuesday we'll schedule a non-stress test and ultrasound to check the fluid levels for Thursday. And if she seems content we'll try to work on natural ways of coaxing her out. I really want to have her before the 42 week point because if I go 2 weeks past my due date I can't give birth at the birthing center :( And as much as I love having her inside I would really like to meet her sooner rather than later.

I'm feeling great though. No pain, no annoyances other than the braxton hicks. And I've been able to relax as much as I can. The best part about her staying in until now is that I've been able to prep EVERYTHING without worrying that there's something I'm missing. Although there's some nagging voice inside my head telling me I'm forgetting something... Just not sure what it is!

40 Weeks Pregnant

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