2 Weeks Already!

I cannot believe that little Miss is two weeks already. Seriously... where does the time go? She's just fit in perfectly into our little family. It's like she's always been here. Well, at least it's like that for me. E seems to be in love with her and so is Joseph but I'm not quite sure how well E is taking things since he seems to be acting up a bit more. That could also just be him entering the life of a 2 year old (Oh my gosh! He'll be two in two months!!).

M is doing great though. She's gaining weight like a champ. At her 1 week check up she was 5oz above her birth weight. She seems to be eating great as well. She's also sleeping! Which every parent loves in a newborn. She gives me a four hour stretch and two three hour stretches at night. And once she gave me two four hour stretches in a row!

We still aren't sure on her hair color. Some is brown (dark and light), other patches have blond and even some red tint to it. But one thing is for sure... she has blue eyes. At least for now :)

She's super strong just like her brother. She wanted to hold her head up on day 2 and is pretty good at getting it where she wants to be. She leads her body with her head if she wants to roll down to eat or go from her side to her belly.  She seems to love hearing her brother's voice and sometimes it calms her down better than I can. He goes to her when she cries and says, "It's ok, Molly! Ok!" Makes my heart melt every time. I cannot wait to watch them grow up together :)

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Jess and the boys said... Reply To This Comment

She is so beautiful, Danielle! I am so happy that you have been blessed with such a good little girl! :) I'm excited to see her again soon!

Randi Moncur said... Reply To This Comment

i love her already.