Trick or Treating

E's first trick-or-treating experience was a success! He had a great time and keeps repeating "Halloween!!" like it was the best night ever :)

Daddy practiced "trick-or-treat" with him all week beforehand and on Halloween night he was perfect. He would knock on the door, say "tricktreat" when the person opened the door (sometimes multiple times out of request of the homeowners), and "tank ou" when they dropped some candy in his bucket or handed it to him. He even yelled out "Halloween" for Happy Halloween as we were leaving.

The one thing I wasn't sure about was if he was going to leave his costume on. We had practice runs throughout the month and it was always off in less than 5 minutes. Well... E surprised me. He kept it on the whole time and only took the "hat" (or hood) off once on our way to a house but allowed me to put it back on before we went to the door.

Here are a few photos from the night...

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