Halloween Party!

I really wanted to motivate myself to decorate the house a little for Halloween this year since E is really starting to get that something's going on. So I decided to host a Halloween party for our playgroup this past week.

I made egg cups and a baked oatmeal, super simple. And than decorated with pumpkins, fall leaves, ghosts and other fun things. Nothing too extravagant. I find that less is more these days. Plus... we don't have that many Halloween decorations. I kinda wanted to add a little each year but didn't want to buy until after Halloween to get the sale/clearance prices :)

A few of the moms brought some goodies of their own. We had spider cupcakes, apple slices with caramel, fruit and a few other goodies for the kids to gobble up. Each kid went home with a mini plastic pumpkin w/ stickers inside and their (moms) choice of goldfish or mini oreos. E chose the oreos, of course. But then asked for fish a few minutes later.

Here are a few pictures of the kids and maybe one of me snuck in (check out the pictures of the month on the left sidebar):

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Shannon said... Reply To This Comment

so cute! did you make your shirt?? i love it!

mrsdanigirl8 said... Reply To This Comment

Yes, I did :) Super easy... grabbed the images online, pasted them and "doctored" them up in PSE and than pasted them into Word and printed.