Sesame Street: A blessing or a curse?

The first thing my son asks for when he wakes up is not Mommy or Daddy... it's Elmo. Sigh. I didn't realize that the obsession would start so young. But maybe I'm naive? I started playing an Elmo's World DVD (Springtime Fun) I got E for his Easter basket because of his love for birds. I thought he might stay interested enough in at least one or two segments so I could get some cleaning done. And that was the end... He quickly became obsessed.

And I'm totally not knocking Sesame Street. I think my son is REALLY learning a lot from it. Before the Elmo's World DVD he knew nothing of bugs and their names or of bicycles. Now whenever he sees either his eyes light up with recognition as he says "bu" or "vroom-vroom" because he associates bicycles with his grandpa's motorcycle. He's also starting to call each character by name. The newest one he's learned is Abby Cadabby. He calls her "Aba". And it's adorable! Below are the characters he knows very well. He also has stuffed animals of all but Abby and drags them out to watch Sesame Street with him when they're on.

I didn't think much of this obsession in the beginning but now I'm starting to wonder if I'm creating a problem or if it really is good for him. He gets one episode of Sesame Street a day. And usually plays with his toys as he watches it so he's not quite glued to the tv yet (unless Elmo's on the screen). And I really think he's picking up on the things they're teaching. So, what do you think? A blessing or a curse?

And I am really thinking about making his second birthday a Sesame Street birthday... not too overpowering. Mostly primary colors with Cookie Monster & Elmo cupcakes and cookies. Simple but cute. I think he may like it...


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Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

Did watching TV hurt you? Seriously, do you think your life was impacted either negatively or postively by any one show you may have seen? I don't think so, and obviously those who've created Sesame Street know what they're doing as the kids don't even realize they're learning as they watch it...he'll wean himself away when he doesn't like it and he may just like something just as much or more by his bday...don't worry!!

Ann said... Reply To This Comment

These young ones are living in a digital world. Television/videos can be our friend/teacher as long as they are monitored by responsible parents. Ethan is at the "sponge" age, better watch your language around him. My grandmother opinion is that his Daddy was a big TV watcher....his Uncle Jeremy was a Sesame Street/Mr Roger's whatever you want to "see" back from your child, expose him to far Ethan seems pretty well rounded in exposure to are good parents!!

FrugalMom said... Reply To This Comment

They all go through stages, and as long as you limit the tv exposure, I'm sure he'll be find...just stay away from all the nonsense tv.

Our cable company cut Cartoon Network, what a blessing, as I no longer have to fight over it.

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