Free Lunchbag from Annies!

As most of my readers (Mom!) know I LOVE freebies. Whether it's winning one on a blog or contest or taking advantage of free products that companies offer I am all over the free stuff. Over the past few years I've really limited the amount of free items I'll ask for especially when it comes to samples because in the past I've overdone it and started receiving way too much junk mail and email. Now I stick with reputable companies whom I want to support and who already have my contact information.

So imagine my excitement when I got an email from Annie's today advertising a free lunch sack with the purchase of two Annie's products. One of the main reasons why I was so excited was that I had just made Anie's organic shells & white cheddar for lunch yesterday (I added broccoli to make it a bit more "healthy" for E) and I just bought some cheddar bunnies for E to snack on at the pool on Saturday.

And the best part is that this lunch sack is from Kids Konserve. We love this store! We already have the reusable thermos that we use for not only keeping items hot and cold but for an easier way to travel with fresh fruit and snacks. I'm sure E will use it more when he goes to school and wants soup or pasta for lunch but for now it's a great way to throw the fruit or snacks in the diaper bag without them getting crushed like they do in our reusable bags.

Here's what the email said and how you can get your free reusable lunch sack too:

Put a lid on trash with Annie’s Reusable Lunch Sack


Go waste-free this school year with Annie’s Reusable Lunch Sack! Annie’s and Kids Konserve teamed up to help reduce lunchtime trash in schools by offering a free reusable lunch sack with the purchase of any two Annie’s products. Visit and enter two UPC codes from any Annie’s product to receive your free lunch sack. (Limited quantity available.)

Kids Konserve makes waste-free lunch kits and other reusable products to help the environment and advocates for kids and parents doing the same. To find out more about Kids Konserve visit

Sustainable Lunch Tips

• Include your own silverware. You can choose something more fun than the traditional flatware you use at home- try something that’s colorful or made of bamboo!
• Ditch the plastic baggies and opt for a reusable Tupperware container instead!
• Don’t forget to pack sustainable food! Add an in-season local fruit or vegetable or some Organic Annie’s Mac and Cheese in a reusable thermos. Our Yellow Belly Shells Recipe (at left) is perfect.
• Have some helping hands! Allowing your child to choose and help pack what goes into their lunch will help eliminate lunchtime food waste.
• Add a fun treat. Delicious fresh fruit, Bunny Fruit Snacks or Bunny Grahams are the perfect ending to a healthy meal.

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