4th of July Fun!

E started out our 4th of July morning by walking down the street picking up all of the flags that one of the local realtors left in each of the neighbor's yards. I than went around and put them all back in :) E had a great time parading around with two flags in his hand though...

We had 10 adults and 2 children over for dinner so we had a great menu planned... we had burgers, hot dogs, and beef & chicken skewers for the main course. We also had some bbq corn on the cob, potato salad, ceasar salad, sweet potato fries, and some zucchini I was going to grill but forgot about so we're eating that for dinner tonight :)

We also had some appetizers... we had some yummy potato chips & garlic dip, tortilla chips & salsa/bean dip, cheesy toast w/ chilis and brie & crackers. YUM!

After dinner we had some pound cake, strawberries & whipped cream as well as some chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. I made the pound cake and Joseph picked up the ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joe's.

We passed the time between dinner & fireworks by playing out front with the toys & kids while a few adults stayed in the back yard and chatted.

Than we got the show on the road!

I love the convinience of having fireworks in the back yard. I really wish we could purchase them here... at least the safe & sane variety. We had a few left over from last year and had J's aunt purchase a few more in Orange County.

E had a blast watching the fireworks go off and really enjoyed himself. And the best part was that we were done and everything was wrapped up by 8pm. He was asleep by 8:30! J was able to go see a few fireworks shows from his brother's back yard (they live across the street from us) and I could hear them so I know he got to see a good show.

I think this 4th of July was fabulous! Plus no traffic on the way home :)

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Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like you had a great time...we had no traffic driving home either - unfortunately in typical Washington style - it was after midnight when we finally finished up and got to bed :-)