Big Boy Room Almost Finished!

We're almost done with E's big boy room! We just need to get a few prints on the wall, hang a shelf and get a dresser to match his bed. Sooo exciting to watch it all fall into place.

This weekend we went to Costco and got this great organizer for all of E's toys. Everything (including toys from the living room and soft books) fit into these bins.

When we get the shelf up we'll put the sail boat bank, Dream sign & evening prayer on it. I loved Joseph's ideas of putting E's books on top of the organizer so we're going to search for some cool book ends to keep the books off. We also need to find a cute lamp for reading bed time stories. His room light is too bright!

We're replacing this dresser (used to be Joseph's before we upgraded our bedroom set) with a dresser that matches E's bed. It will most likely go where the chair below is placed (tall vs. wide). We will then move the organizer to the wall where the dresser is currently.

We will also be getting new closet doors for E's room, the front bedroom and our hallway. Daddy wants to get shaker style doors in alder (meaning he'll have to replace the trim w/ alder as well!). If he wants to he has the green light from me...

Eventually we will put hardwood in all of the bedrooms and the hallway. Daddy still isn't sure if this will happen before or after baby #2. We still need to get the front bedroom cleaned out and made into a makeshift office/nursery. Lets hope we start on that first before picking up any other new projects! More pictures to come as things progress.

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