Baking with Mom & Dad

I have been waiting for the day that I could bring E into the kitchen and let him help while I baked or cooked. And I think that day has finally arrived. E had been bugging me with the Star Wars cookie cutters we got Daddy for Father's Day so I told him we'd make some sugar cookie dough that morning. Than once Daddy got home they could roll them out and cut out the shapes with the new cookie cutters.

He had a pretty fun time. He got to watch the butter soften (we just used the microwave) and poured in the butter, sugar, egg (I put it into a measuring cup after I cracked it), baking powder, vanilla & flour. So basically he put in all of the ingredients :) He got to watch each ingredient get incorporated into the others and watch the dough ball form.

We than wrapped it up in plastic wrap (which he enjoyed poking over and over) and put it in the fridge for Daddy. When Daddy got home they both rolled out some dough and got started on cutting out shapes. In between cutting out shapes E would grab a piece of dough, stick it in his mouth really fast and say NUM!

Once the cookies were finished baking he really didn't want to eat a lot. He had 1/2 of one and was done. Daddy thinks they need some frosting to make them sweeter but I think their sweet enough. Perfect for a toddler.

Here are some pictures of our adventure. Ignore the mess behind him...

Getting ready to scoop some flour into the butter, sugar & eggs

Dumping it in

Done watching it spin around

Helping form a dough ball in the plastic wrap

Stamping out the Star Wars shapes (yes, I only realized after editing the photos that Daddy left a knife within an arms reach of E. Luckily he was too distracted with the task at hand)

Distracted by cartoons

The finished product! No need for frosting :)

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