Java Mama Grand Reopening

This Wednesday one of my favorite mama joints opened their doors again after a long hiatus and a move away from their La Mesa location. Java Mama is a coffee house that is kid friendly. So kid friendly that they have a play area outside and inside for the kids. And for a small fee you can get someone else to watch your kids while you relax, chit chat, or do some work while sipping on a latte and eating a scone.

So when I heard that they were having a little party for their reopening I knew I had to take E. Luckily the organizer of my mom's group was on top of it and had already scheduled a playdate there for the group. And as an added bonus Hullabaloo was having a concert there that day in celebration of the re-opening!

Now we've heard tons of great things about Hullabaloo but have never been able to make it to a concert due to one thing or another (mostly because he usually starts at 10-11am and E has been napping around then. But I knew we had to make it to this one so I risked the chance of E not getting a good morning nap in exchange for some fun. And man was I happy I did! E clapped and squealed with delight at the songs and all of the kids playing around him. We had a blast! Below are a few pictures of the concert and the kids enjoying it...

Paxton ready to shake his booty

Hillary & Cohen

Cohen's mama, Jessica, & Cohen

E & Paxton on Hillary's lap (Paxton's mama)... E just adores Hillary & Jessica!

Baby Eli even got excited and listened to the music for a bit with his mama!

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