Happy Memorial Day!

First of all thank you to all who serve this great country and prayers are sent to those who are no longer with us...

We spent this nice long weekend at home enjoying our front yard and the great weather. Saturday I sadly had to go to the dentist for my second crown... not fun. Joseph and E went to In-N-Out while I was out and had a nice lunch. When I got home we headed out to Viejas for a little shopping and playing (there's a lot of water there for E to check out! Big lawns too). We scored with some pajamas for E, a new dress for me and polo shirts for Joseph.

On Sunday we went to mass and than I headed out to watch SATC2 with my friends. While I was out Daddy and E played in the front yard. We got out E's blow up pool and put some water in it to heat up in time for the afternoon when I got home. But when I got home E had already took over the pool... with his toys. Yup... he threw just about every toy/object he could into the pool :) He was quite pleased with himself.

We relaxed for a bit and than Joseph started up the grill. He had purchased some steaks for dinner and invited his brother and brother's girlfriend over for dinner. We made mashed potatoes and they brought over some veggies and a salad. We got some mini angel food cakes from Costco (where we got the steaks from) and cut up some strawberries and whipped some cream for dessert. It was a great meal... very tasty! E thought so.

Today I got to sleep in until 8am. Ethan woke up at 7:40 and didn't even bother me... he called out for Daddy until Daddy came to take him out of the bed and into the living room (he could have just climbed off the bed and went to the living room but he enjoys yelling for Daddy to come). They played a bit while I got a little more sleep. We than went outside and played a bit in the front yard. By 8:30 it was already pretty hot.

Joseph started early with some yardwork and E followed him around trying to help sweep or rake with his own tools. I got a few cute shots of him in his swim trunks, tank top and new flip flops... I forgot to mention we picked up a pair of flip flops at Viejas :) Sooo cute! He also had a hat that he wore for most of the day but at this time it had fallen into the pool and was drying on the fence.

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