A Rockin' Good Easter

This Easter will be memorable to say the least. First it was J's 30th birthday and second... E felt his first major earthquake! Yup... a 7.2 from Baja California. The quake was so big you could see the windows bowing in and out, the telephone poles were swaying back and fourth and you could see the ground move.

The day started out as any normal Sunday would. We woke up and E & I grabbed the paper from outside. We than went inside and found out that the Easter bunny left E a basket filled with fun toys and goodies. He got a Little People Easter set, a gardening set, a bunny and an Elmo DVD.

After we had a quick breakfast and played a bit with our new toys outside we got dressed and headed to church. Our church had a Children's Mass in the hall so the kids could be as loud as they wanted without bugging the other parishioners. E walked around the aisles before mass to greet everyone and found a buddy to play with. He even got an egg filled with jelly beans (that we quickly took away and hid). We filled the egg back up with goldfish and E was super happy.

We went home and grabbed Cousin A's gift (his birthday's on the 8th) and E's basket and we were on our way to Uncle & Aunt J's house for the Easter egg hunt. We also celebrated Cousin A's birthday with a cake.

E's basket was emptied and ready to go!

Off to hunt for eggs with Grandma Ann

His first Easter egg

Oh, Dad, this is kinda cool! There's stickers in there!

E found one!

Cousin A found one!

Don't take my eggs!

Hahaha, Dad... that was kinda funny when I made cousin A mad :)

Let's eat cake!

After the Easter egg hunt we went home to relax, garden and clean the house. This is when the earthquake hit. J & E were outside gardening while I was inside cleaning the kitchen and all of a sudden everything started to rumble. After a few seconds of it not subsiding I knew it wasn't going to end quickly. I went outside and picked up E. We went to the middle of the road to get away from the moving phone poles. J just watched with a smile on his face (haha!).

After the ground stopped rumbling all of our neighbors came outside and the discussions started. It was pretty funny to get everyone's account of the same event. One neighbor made his kids run outside, another had their kids hide under tables. But at the end of it everyone was laughing about how unprepared we all were. We started to make a list of what we needed to pack in case of a big earthquake.

After the earthquake we went back to cleaning and gardening. Than we got dressed and headed out to J's birthday dinner at Hunter's. It was quite nice and I think he enjoyed himself. E loved to be around all his family and sat on Grandpa J's lap for most of the meal.

All in all it was a very memorable day!

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