We Made It!

I cannot express how excited I was on February 22nd. Not only was my baby 1 but I breastfed for a full year. It makes me feel so good to know that I made another goal in breastfeeding.

When E was first born my mini goal for him was to make it to 6 months once we had established a good system. He was an AMAZING sucker and had an awesome latch (latched on successfully 1 hour after birth). And now I've made it to my second mini goal. Now I'm leaving it up to E to decide when he wants to stop nursing.

Well... within reason :)

I have always said that successfully breastfeeding had nothing to do with me and I still believe it. My little man just loves the boob. And I know that if he didn't than we'd have to find a way to make it work. Whether that be exclusively pumping or slowly transitioning to formula (which I really did not want to do).

Now that I have more friends with babies I definitely understand how hard it is for some to breastfeed. And I commend each woman for the decision she makes for her and her child. It is a totally personal choice and I would never think differently of another woman for the choice she makes. I think that we all need to support each others decision in these types of situations because it is so hard to make the decision or come to terms with the decision made for us.

I know that with the next little one* I am going to try my hardest to successfully breastfeed again but I think I'll have more of a peace about it than the stress of worrying if I'll be successful or not. Because I know that no matter what I will be feeding my child.

* No, I am not pregnant.

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"My little man just loves the boob."

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