Fabulous Birthday

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday thanks to my loving husband and sweet little boy. E slept in till 7:30 so that meant Mommy and Daddy slept in as well. It was heavenly. Than J and E made me some scrambled eggs, waffles and hash browns. The hash browns didn't quite cook as well as J had hoped so he just fed them to the dogs.

E decided to share 1/2 of my plate so I didn't eat too many points (he's always looking for my best interest... even at a young age!). Than E and I headed off to Trader Joe's to do some morning shopping and get a latte from Starbucks while Daddy cleaned up from breakfast.

We got home and E napped while I put the groceries away. Soon it was time for me to get going to a dentist appointment. I know, I know... the dentist on your birthday? Well it's hard to find time on Saturdays to squeeze in appointments so when there was a last minute cancellation I grabbed the time slot.

I had to get the prep work done for a crown :( No fun. But the nitrous and awesome staff at Dependents Dental helped ease me through the process. I felt like I had just gotten a 2 hour break and it was exactly what I needed even though I was numb for the next 2 hours.

Luckily the novocaine wore off before our dinner reservations. J had reserved a spot for us at Bice, an Italian eatery downtown. I knew of this restaurant because we did the fund control for it a few months back and it was very notorious in the office. What was funny was that we always called it b-ice (like ice with a b in front of it) even though it's supposed to be pronounced be-chay.

Our reservations were for 5:30 so there was hardly any one in the restauraunt when we got there. It was nice because we got to soak in the surroundings. We started with fresh bread served with butter in olive oil and balsamic and I had a spring salad while J had the ceaser salad. Both salads were delicious and very fresh. The bread was fabulous!

I ordered a lobster risotto (think lobster bisque mixed with a perfectly prepared risotto). It had a ring of pesto around it and in the middle of the dish was a ball of soft, white cheese. It was heavenly!! Seriously... I would have eaten the whole thing if my stomach hadn't protested.

And because the waiter checked my ID when I ordered a glass of wine he found out that it was my birthday and treated me to a dessert of my choice. Since I was so full I left the decision up to J. He decided on a white & chocolate cake topped with a rice crisp. The picture above is what was served. It was the PERFECT amount of dessert to end the evening and hit all the right spots.

When we got home E was ready for bed so we snuggled on the couch and I got control of the remote. What a perfect ending to a perfect day :)

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Yeah what a nice birthday!