Messy Dinners

We grabbed Rubio's to go last night for dinner and had some yummy beans and rice :) At least E did. Mommy had a salmon burrito and Daddy had fish tacos. E has decided as of the past few days that he's just RAVENOUS! After not eating barely anything for a few weeks (we think teething and being sick was the culprit) he's finally gotten his appetite back.

Last night he ate a whole 4oz cup of beans and a 4oz cup of rice on top of a few bites of quesadilla (Daddy got E his own kids meal!). And the night before I went to go pick up dinner and asked J if he could give E a snack to tide him over until I got back with dinner. Well... when I got back J told me that he obviously wasn't fast enough because E got into the cupboard, grabbed an apple/carrot crusher and brought it to J to open for him. When J opened it E sucked the whole thing down faster than he's ever done before. He was HUNGRY!

Here are a few pictures from his meal last night:

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