Language boom!

So a few weeks ago E started saying dog (dogah) and Jetta (do-dah, one of our dog's name). Since then he says hi, out & up on top of mom and dada! I am amazed!

Today we were at a Valentine's Day party with our playgroup. one of my girlfriends was playing with her 6 month old. E came up and stood by her and pointed to the baby and said Hi Baby! She turned around and said, "Um, Danielle, I think E just said 'Hi, Baby!' and pointed to Luke." I couldn't believe it. Now I don't know if this was a fluke or not but whenever we go by pictures of E as a baby I always say 'hi baby'!

It's just so cute! I've been a little worried (and haven't confessed yet) about him not walking yet since he's been crawling since 6 months, pulling up since 9 months and standing up since 10 months but he was just working on his language skills instead!

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