E's First Super Bowl

I really am not all that interested in football. I'm also not interested in the Superbowl. The best thing about it, in my opinion, is that you get to eat lots of appetizers and watch funny commercials. This year was E's first superbowl so we decided to take it easy and hang out at home. We had Andrew & Alyssa over (they had to drive really far to get here! j/k... they live right across the street) and I made a small amount of appetizers. Empanadas, chili cheese dip, chips & salsa, and veggies were put out and Alyssa made a 7 layer bean dip (YUM!).

Here are a few shots of E & Daddy and E & Uncle Andrew. He sure does love his uncle!

Dipping his chip (no, he didn't eat the salsa.. he just repeatedly dipped)

Eating chips w/ Daddy... Don't they have the same expression on their faces? Like I caught them doing something bad?

E & Uncle Andrew

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