E's Family/Friends Birthday Party

I made a few gift bags for the kids...

Melissa of Le Petit Kupkak made some DELICIOUS cupcakes for E's birthday gift (recipe here)

I made the cake (Dorie's Perfect Party Cake)

Tessa took a few pictures of E devouring (not) his cupcake

Mom, you can't force me to eat the cupcake!

Ok... the frosting is pretty good.

And I LOVED smushing the cupcake through my fingers... see?

Opening gifts

Look what E got!

3 comment(s) with love:

Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

the cake is so cute! i want a baby to throw parties for!!!! and eat cake that i baked for!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks like a fantastic time <3 miss you!

Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like you both had a good time! ...and like maybe he'd like chocolate cake next year :-)

mrsdanigirl8 said... Reply To This Comment

He'll definitely get chocolate next year :) He shared a cupcake with me for breakfast this morning and loved it... he just doesn't eat under pressure! The cupcakes tasted like delicious pieces of carrot cake heaven w/ cream cheese frosting (I think there was real vanilla bean in the frosting too!)