Almost Walking

I'm sure most remember my Almost Crawling post but now E is just so close to taking his first steps! Over the past few weeks he has wanted us to let him walk around by holding our hands. He chooses to walk if we hold him instead of crawling whereas before he would walk a few steps, get down and crawl to what he wants.

Well just this weekend he started to walk while only holding onto 1 hand! I held onto his hand with my hand and put my other hand just out of reach and he started taking steps towards it. Now he doesn't need my other hand as motivation to go forward. He's super fast while using two hands and is still a bit wobbly using one hand but he's learning very quickly! I'm sure those first steps will be here just in time for his first birthday :)

Oh, and not related to walking but E is pointing at EVERYTHING! Whenever he wants something he just points right to it. I've been trying to do sign language since E was 6 months old but he prefers the much easier point method :) Hey! He gets his point across... haha... pun intended.

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first steps!!!!!!

miss you guys!