Grandma Ann's 60th Birthday Brunch

For Grandma Ann's 60th birthday she made it very clear that she did not want a party. She wanted to go to brunch with her boys at the Red Marlin restaurant at the Hyatt by the bay. So the three boys, Julia, I and the grandbabies met Jack and Ann at the restaurant for an enjoyable meal.

Aaron reading Grandma Ann's cards to her

E and Grandpa Jack

Super baby! The latest fashion in bibwear

Take a look at E... what is he reaching for? 5 seconds later it would be all over the table, him and the floor.

With a change of clothes E was off again playing with Daddy

Grandpa Jack plays with Aaron's pink tape measure

Uncle Jeremy and E

Grandma Ann and her boys

Joseph, E and I

He passed out about 5 minutes into our drive home. Doesn't he look like such a big boy?? Where'd my baby go?

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