First Frozen Yogurt Cone

(pictures taken with camera phone... not the best quality)

At 7pm we decided we had to go out to eat tonight. The steaks Joseph wanted to make weren't thawed out all the way by dinner time and he was out of ideas for dinner. E took a late long nap and was still full of energy so we decided to head over to Souplantation.

Souplantation is great. There's options for everyone. I had a spinach salad with chicken noodle soup, Joseph had salad, muffins, bread and cookies and E had frozen yogurt :)

But not JUST frozen yogurt. He also tried the dill potato salad, kidney beans (a lot!), plain spiral pasta, asiago cheese croutons, chicken soup, cheese and blueberry muffin. Yup. He ate a bit of EVERYTHING we offered him and kept eating. Than we figured what the hey and offered him his own mini cone with a tablespoon of frozen yogurt in it.

He loved it! And he was perfect the whole time. He even gave me the cone back when he was done. Since he didn't eat all of the cone Joseph grabbed one for the ride home. He munched on it until it was gone and than promptly fell asleep.

He's still asleep now and transitioned to the bed amazingly well. He didn't even nurse. I'm sort of worried about that but not too much. I'm sure when I head to bed he'll roll over and ask to nurse :) Oh the joys of co-sleeping!

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