10 Months Old

Oh, E, where has the time gone?? You turned 10 months last week and I am just now having time to sit down and write to you. We've been very busy over the past week. I haven't even had a chance to take your monthly picture on the chair! So we'll have to use this picture above from our mini Christmas photo shoot.

You are growing so much. You finally are interested in walking while holding our hands. You even have attempted to take a step towards the counter and cupboards from holding onto Daddy's leg last night! You were standing on your own in between Daddy and the counter! So I know that walking is right around the corner for you.

But can I ask one thing, E? Baby steps! Don't start out running. I don't think Mommy could handle that. I am relieved that you haven't started walking sooner. It gives me a little more time with my baby.

You've been so talkative lately. You've convinced Grandma Ann that your first word is duck but we're not too sure about that. You say Dada for daddy and MomMom for Mommy but you don't say them all the time. I know you know who each of us are because you turn to Daddy when I say "Where's Daddy?" and do the same when Daddy asks you where I am. You recognize Dog, Grandma, Aunt Louise and so many more words.

You mimic us like crazy still. You say Ah Da when I say All Done and Daddy could have swore he heard you say Bye to the check out lady at Costco on Christmas Eve when you were running around getting last minute things for Christmas dinner. You even tried to wave at her when she waved at you.

You are such a joy, little one. You are almost ALWAY happy and tell us when you're hungry, tired, or just need to cuddle. You're very expressive and if I just pay attention to your cues I know exactly what you need and when.

I think you're starting to make up your own signs instead of using the signs I've been trying to teach you since you were 6-7 months old. Instead of waving your hands for all done you sweep the table of all of the food when you're done ;) And instead of doing the sign for sleep/bed you flick your nose. You point to everything you want and make a stink face if you don't get it right away. I've tried to get you to sign water a few times but you wave me away and just point to your water. It works, right?

I am so excited for the months and years to come! Your first birthday is right around the corner and I cannot wait for the fun we will have together in the next year.

We love you soooo much, E!



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I'd like to put in a request for a video of some of that baby chatter!! xoxo