California Love

This past Veteran's day E and I had a play date with his new friend Ethan. Before we met up with Patti and Ethan we stopped by Chick-fil-A and had lunch with Daddy. E had quite a fun time stealing Daddy's fries and taking sips of his water in between "talking" to Daddy.

After lunch we headed over to La Jolla Shores to meet up with the mommies only to find out that we were just meeting Patti. The other moms in the group seemed to have things come up. We had just seen Patti and Ethan the day before at our house so it was nice to chat again. And E loves his friend Ethan. When he saw him he light up and wanted out of my arms right away!

Here are a few pictures from our day...

Nom Nom Nom... having lunch with the daddy

What, Ma? Aren't you going to push me some more?

The "other" Ethan swinging

Yeah, that's the ocean out there :) E's enjoying the view

Do you think he likes to swing?

OK, lets do something else...

Oh, what's this?

Whatcha doing?

Oh, playing with the sand!

Nom Nom Nom

More sand! I love this stuff!

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Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

i LOVE the picture of him going crazy on the swing!!! TWO LITTLE TEETH!!

Also love the one of you holding him, you look so happy and he looks like he's saying 'peace brutha'.