Setting out the fall decor

E was getting quite upset that Daddy was outside playing (doing yard work) and he had to stay inside. So... we let him out...

The first thing he started going after were the pumpkins that Joseph had placed out in the yard earlier that day.

Than he noticed the leaves

Then he ate the leaves (I tried to distract him with more pumpkins but I think those leaves were tasty!)

Mommy took the leaves away... so mean!

And than he realized he still had the pumpkins to play with

When that got old he started going for the piles of weeds and the shovel.

E LOVES to get dirty and now that he's mobile there's never a day that he isn't dirty.

What a hard life...

And if you're wondering why our front lawn isn't green... we're on a restricted watering system so we just don't water the lawn. We water the ferns and flowers every other day but grass takes up too much water.

4 comment(s) with love:

Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

Bathtubs and washing machines were made just for little they can have fun all day and spash at night :-)

mrsdanigirl8 said... Reply To This Comment

And boy does this boy splash! He already is getting more water out of the tub than in the tub :)

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

our lawn looks the same :( we're going to replant it this month though. love the pumpkin pics

Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

look at those big old cloth-diapered buns!!!