Two New Updates

E is starting to get his first tooth! Yup... took 7 months but it's finally starting to poke through. It is only a little sliver that we can just feel (can't see it yet) but it's coming! I've noticed that E's been wanting more frozen fruit lately (in the mesh feeder) and now I know why!

And the second thing... just seconds ago E climbed up into Joseph's lap! He was on the ground next to him and than just looked up, started crawling and climbed into his lap. Than he started trying to crawl up his chest to get to his face! Go E!

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Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Grandma Ann saw that coming today...he was trying and trying to pull himself up to stand while I watched him and I told Joseph he even fell and cried but still hung onto the handle of the chair he was trying to get into......EJ is amazing!....little risk taker...