First Costco Sample

E's first sample at Costco... a cracker sans the Havarti cheese they were sampling. We went to Costco to pick up the essentials on Friday. You know, milk, eggs, pot pies. And they were sampling Havarti cheese on some multi-grain crackers.

E was looking up at me with longing as I ate my cracker so I ran back and asked if I could just grab a cracker. The sample lady looked at me funny until I explained that it wasn't for me, it was for my adorable baby. She caved when she saw him (who wouldn't??).

I gave him the cracker and waited till he nibbled a bit. He LOVED it! Enough to have it all over his mouth and shirt within minutes of starting to munch on it. I'm pretty sure he'll start loving Costco as much as Mommy and Daddy.

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Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

Ethan you lucky devil! I'd do anything for a Costco sample!!!!