7 Months Old

E, my little man, you are growing up waaaay too fast! I thought that writing you monthly would be easier for me but I don't think I like it very much because you are changing so rapidly lately. In the past month you have mastered getting into the sitting position on your own, crawling and pulling up to your knees. You are ::this close:: to pulling up to standing on your own and are showing more interest in staying in the standing position when I lift you up and let you hold onto objects (my hands, the couch, the end table).

You are growing bigger by the day. And some days I wake up to find that you look like you've grown overnight. You are taking up more of the bed and your 6 month clothes are all packed away. You are fitting into not only the 9 month clothes but the 12 month clothes as well!

You have grown so much that you outgrew your infant carseat and we had to upgrade to convertible carseats. We found a pretty good deal on a few Britax carseats and snatched them up. You ride in this one when you're with Daddy and ... now don't laugh... this one when you're with Mommy. But don't worry. We'll change out the cover of Mommy's carseat as soon as Aunty Tessa's baby comes in November and she gives us Belle's old Britax.

You are becoming more verbal but still no distinction between the babbling and any real words (I wasn't expecting any!). You LOVE to screech and yell and find pleasure in blowing raspberries on every surface you can find. You even lift up my shirt and blow raspberries on my stomach. It doesn't help that Daddy showed you how to do this!

The past 7 months have been such a joy for us little man! You are so happy! But you do have some issues that we need to resolve for all of our sanity :) You need to work on taking naps! We are really close to start sleep training with you to try and get you to sleep better. You are a very light sleeper and when you wake up there's no putting you back down to sleep. You get cranky and unhappy and I just can't see my baby unhappy...

Your daddy and I love you VERY much and can't wait for the months/years to come with you. I love you!

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