Six Months Old!

Oh how you are growing little one!

It's starting to get a bit interesting when feeding you :) You have enough strength to completely twist out of my arms if you want to. And than you love to whip back around to finish what you were doing (eating!).

You're doing wonderful on solids. I truly think you're actually enjoying them. You're always eager to open your mouth and you always want to help Mommy by holding the spoon.

You've rolled front to back and back to front for a few months now but you're finally doing it a bit more (and both Mommy and Daddy have seen both now!).

You love to sit up and play with your toys. You're even reaching super far to pick up toys just out of your reach and you either go back to a sitting position or you flatten out on your tummy.

I'm pretty sure you're *this close* to starting to crawl on your belly (army crawl). As soon as I turn my back you are always inches away from where I left you. You like to wiggle and squirm to get from this position | to this position / to this position --. It's so fun to watch you turn your little body around. And you even scoot a bit when you're sitting. You can rock yourself back and forth to move yourself around.

You love to "talk" to us. You get stuck on a new sound and repeat it over and over. I can't wait for you to start putting different sounds together. Sometimes you do but I don't think you quite realize what you're doing yet.

I can't believe how much you've changed from 6 months ago! I love you!

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