How to Fold a Prefold - Jelly Roll Fold

Step 1:
Lay prefold flat underneath baby. Make sure to align the top edge of the diaper with baby's belly button. If diaper is a bit too long for baby just fold over top of the diaper before laying baby on it (see picture).

Step 2:
Roll sides of diaper into one another as shown in pictures.

Step 3:
Collect both sides and fold up towards baby's belly button. I like to make sure that the middle panel is just under baby's belly button. (Think of where low rise jeans sit.)

Step 5:
Bring "wings" of the diaper on each side over to middle panel and get a Snappi.

Step 6:
Attach Snappi to left hand side wing

Step 7:
Attach Snappi to right hand side wing

Step 8:
Pull down and attach Snappi to bottom of diaper

Step 9:
Grab cover and velcro sides.

Step 10:
Make sure cover completely covers the diaper and no white is showing at the top of the cover.

Step 11:
Double check the leg gussets to make sure there's no diaper sticking out :)

This is what the leg gusset should look like

Pick up screaming baby instead of taking another picture

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Tessa said... Reply To This Comment

Great tutorial Dani and I love the last photo and what you wrote. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

I think what I'm most concerned about is the post-poop process of changing cloth diapers. Do you dump the poop in the toilet first, is it messy do you soak before putting the washer?? This is where I get freaked out :)

mrsdanigirl8 said... Reply To This Comment

I am just venturing into the world of non-bf poop so I'll do a post solely on this when I get home from work tonight :)

If your baby is just breastfed (bf) than you don't need to do anything special. You just plop the diaper in the diaper pail and wash as you would wash the other diapers.

If you start to get peanut butter poop than you can use a diaper sprayer (Joseph's building me one now) or can do the dunk and swirl method in the toilet before plopping it into the diaper pail.

If your baby has plopable poop (don't you just love that imagery?) than you just plop it into the toilet before putting the diaper in the pail.

More info to follow :)