Dear E: Twenty Four Weeks

Dear E -

We had such a great time this week!

On Monday you went to the zoo with the Aunts and Grandma Ann. It was a busy crazy hectic day but you got through it! You hung out with your cousin Aaron and your second cousins Carsyn and Kenna. They always come down each summer for Sea World Day Camp for a week and they stay with the Aunts.

On Tuesday you decided that you were going to get up on all fours! Yeah! We went over to the Aunts' house to hang out with Carsyn and Kenna after they got out of Day Camp.

We went to the beach and than went to get frozen yogurt with the girls. You refused to nap all afternoon and finally took a cat nap while we were walking back from the frozen yogurt place. You put your feet in the water for the first time. You didn't really like it because it was a bit cold. I'm sure that you'll love it in a few months!

On Wednesday you hung out with Grandma Ann and layed low...

Thursday was also a quiet day. I don't even remmember if we went out and did anything.

Friday was pretty busy. Mommy got off early because Daddy's family was going to have a bonfire/bbq in celebration of Carsyn and Kenna's birthdays (a yearly tradition). We got everything ready to go and were waiting for the green light from Aunt Janie and Aunt Helen. They called to let us know they couldn't get a ring next to a picnic bench so I had the great idea of just having the bbq at the Aunts house. They have a bbq... they have a fire pit... and they have indoor plumbing!!! Everyone went with my idea and we had a blast.

I took you into the spool for the first time and you had a blast... you kept on splashing and grabbing me. You even would put your nose in the water for a second and pull up laughing... I don't know what that was about but you sure scared Momma! We dried off and got all bundled up in our jammies (ok... Mommy didn't, but you did) and got settled on one of the Aunts air chairs for a night of talking, eating and drinking.

Daddy was the grill master and made us up some yummy hot dogs before we swam. He than started up the "bonfire" after we got out of the water and got the smores going. Daddy makes the best smores! You were soo exhausted and finally zonked out at 8. We stayed for another hour until everyone started leaving and you woke up just in time to say goodbye to everyone.

Saturday morning we layed low. Daddy went to Costco to get a few things while we napped and than we packed up for Anaheim and Disneyland. We got a hotel for the night to make things easier. Daddy only paid $50 for the Doubletree! Talk about a deal.

There was crazy traffic so we didn't get up to Anaheim until 5:30. We got settled at the hotel (all they had were full size beds... So we were stuck on a separate bed than Daddy) and than headed out to dinner at Souplantation. We were planning on going to Disneyland and hanging out for a bit but Mommy didn't feel too good and you were getting tired so we headed back to the hotel for the night.

You went down super easy and slept great! You woke up ready to go at 7am (Mommy got to sleep in for a whole hour!!) and we were out the door and at Disneyland by 7:30. We rode a few rides and headed out at 10 to head back home.

You slept the whole car ride home!! Plus you fell asleep about 1/2 an hour before we got to the car so you slept a total of 2 hours :) Go you! When we got home we played a bit and than got ready to head out to your first baseball game. You Uncle Jeremy got tickets for us, them and Aunt Julia's parents by trading in a few of his and Great Uncle Dave's season tickets. How nice of them! More about that in a separate post.

I can't believe how much you are growing and developing! You are learning things so quickly. You laugh so much lately. And your giggles just melt me inside and out! You are an amazingly happy baby and always seem to tell me exactly how you're feeling... gotta go... you're waking up and need me :)

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